Automate Daily Tasks with GoFormz Workflows

Automate workflows to increase productivity across departments, streamline customer communication, accelerate processing, and route forms and data to third party apps.

GoFormz workflow triggers a mobile form saved to Box and emailed to a customer Simplify form sharing and storage

Capture, route, and process data, in real-time

From form to database – automate, accelerate and elevate data capture and processing.

An inspection in the GoFormz mobile forms interface shows workflow steps

Simplify form sharing and storage

Automate mobile form routing to specific teammates, customers, and integrated apps, using form data to dynamically choose each form’s destination.

Dispatch forms pre-populated with data

Use Automated Workflows to instantly generate and dispatch mobile forms pre-filled with data to teams in the field – accelerating form completion and improving data accuracy.

A GoFormz mobile form in List View is completed on an iPhone and instantly updates a connected dashboard with data
A GoFormz mobile form in List View is completed on an iPhone and instantly updates a connected dashboard with data

Instantly update dashboards, databases, and more

Leverage custom GoFormz Workflows to dynamically and instantaneously update spreadsheet rows, analytics dashboards, and connected databases.

Flexible triggers

Kick off an Automatic Workflow when a form is completed, or when a specific action is performed in a connected app — giving you the flexibility to initiate a new workflow precisely when it is needed.

GoFormz Automated Workflow Triggers

Connect your mobile forms to your other business applications

Use your mobile forms as the data capture front end of your business. Connecting your mobile forms to your other systems and applications allows your team to establish a constant current of rich, highly accurate data, throughout your operation.

GoFormz mobile forms can be integrated with your critical business systems

Discover how GoFormz Workflows can improve your operation:

Case Study

Instantly update databases

Run Energy utilizes the GoFormz and Quickbase integration to update their database with collected field data, in real-time.

Run Energy case study

Case Study

Dispatch forms pre-filled with integration data

ARC American uses the GoFormz and Smartsheet integration to pass data between Smartsheet sheets and mobile forms.

ARC American case study

Case Study

Automatically sync form data to Salesforce

Güntner leverages the Salesforce integration to dispatch HVAC forms pre-populated with data.

Güntner case study
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