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Don’t have an existing form to turn into a mobile form? Use one of our Starter Form Templates. They are free to use as soon as you sign up for your GoFormz account ––explore the collection and start your free trial today.

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Every GoFormz account comes with a collection of free Starter Forms, you can start filling out as soon as you sign up. Get to know our Starter Forms below and try them for free today.

Magnifying glass inspection icon

The Inspection Form

Capture real-time inspection information and expedite processing.

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Clock icon

The Timesheet

Track employee hours and overtime, while streamlining payroll processing.

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Work order icon

The Work Order

Simplify project data collection and elevate client-facing professionalism.

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Employee icon

The Employee Evaluation

Record employee progress and measure performance.

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Invoice icon

The Invoice

Share highly accurate project expenses and automate calculations.

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Health icon

The Digital Medical History Form

Streamline patient intake and collect better health history data

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Expense report icon

The Digital Expense Report

Complete and share highly professional expense reports – straight from your mobile device

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Health icon

The Digital Patient Intake Form

Accelerate patient intake and eliminate administrative bottlenecks to patient care

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Signing form icon

The Digital Project Proposal

Share modern, highly professional digital project proposals with clients anywhere.

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Release icon

The Release Form

Easily create, share, and sign digital waivers and release forms, directly from your mobile device or computer.

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Form complete icon

The Request for Time Off Form

Generate, fill out, and submit requests for time off directly from your mobile device or computer.

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Sign in form icon

The Sign-In Sheet

Collect visitor information directly from mobile devices and computers.

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Sign in form icon

The Client Intake Form

Gather key client information instantly for a streamlined intake process.

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