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Better Agriculture Data with Digital Forms

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Better Anticipate Your Agricultural Needs

Farmers, ranchers, and growers face enough challenges already, why make your information and data capture tasks more difficult than they need to be? Implementing digital forms to track crop and soil inputs, harvest yield and scheduling, and even worker timesheets can ease your workload.

GoFormz supports agribusinesses with digital, streamlined forms. Customize your forms with automation and logic, versatile fields, image capture, and even integrations into other farm management software platforms. Mobile forms work online and offline to support your team in the field, in the office, or even on the road.

Simplify Data Collection with Mobile Forms

With the GoFormz mobile forms app, easily fill out your forms on phones, tablets, and computers – even offline! Learn more about mobile forms and going paperless.

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Mobile Farm Data Anywhere You Need It

Agriculture data can make or break your business, and you need access to it at all times. GoFormz mobile forms provide offline capabilities, automatic routing, and cloud storage, meaning your team can complete work in the field or in the office. Simplify your data capture with GoFormz apps for farming teams available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

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Pinpoint Insightful Agricultural Trends

From analyzing crop yield to tracking inputs and water usage, your farm data tells a story. View trends over time with detailed reporting and custom exports. Use the GoFormz open API to send your data directly into your existing farm management software for even faster insights.

Get actionable reports
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Accurate Data with Forms Your Team Recognizes

Don’t toss your existing paper forms - digitize them instead. Use the proprietary GoFormz conversion tool to bring your existing PDF files into the digital space. No training, no downtime, and no coding required. Eliminate manual entry, data bottlenecks, and illegible handwriting with one tool.

Convert PDFs to Fillable Forms
GoFormz gives us a quicker response time to challenges that may arise in the field that could impact the health quality of our animals, which is our main priority at Prestage Farms...
Bradley Faircloth, IT Asset Management, Prestage Farms

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GoFormz & Northeast Rural Services increased agriculture project efficiency digitizing their paper forms
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